The Crunch Bunch
A trio of salty snacks: Shyndigz Party Mix, local peanuts, and 3 Sisters cheese straws
Pimento Cheese
Creamy housemade pimento cheese served with local Firehook crackers
Warm brie topped with Shyndigz caramel sauce, mixed nuts, and cranberries.  Served with Sub Rosa Classic sourdough
Twisted Will
Chef Will’s homemade pretzel with Pilsudski Sweet Hot honey mustard
Cucumber Sandwiches
Sub Rosa Classic sourdough slices topped with a creamy herb spread & fresh garden cucumbers $8.99
Our Little Sister's Eggs
Famous Fancy Biscuit deviled eggs with bacon, Speedy’s hot sauce and house-made escabeche $5.99 (3) $9.99 (6)


The Cadillac
Assortment of prosciutto, 3 salamis, parmigiano reggiano, gorgonzola, aged gouda, brie with fig glaze & toasted pine nuts, sourdough bread, crackers, pickles, pimentos, black currant jam, dijon mustard and seasonal fruit. Serves 4-5.
The Mini Coupe
Prosciutto, salami, manchego cheese, aged gouda, gorgonzola, sourdough bread, crackers dijon mustard, pickles and seasonal fruit. Serves 2-3.
The Big Cheese
Manchego, Aged gouda, gorgonzola, brie with fig glaze, sourdough bread, crackers, black currant jam, apricot jam, seasonal fruit. Serves 4-5.
Tomato Pie
Tomatoes, mozzarella, cheddar and fresh basil baked in a homemade flaky crust.  Served with a garden cucumber salad $10.99
Broccoli cheddar or ham, bacon and sausage quiche served with a garden cucumber salad $10.99